Liesel Zink is an award-winning socially-engaged choreographer interested in the collective body in public space. Seeking to engage new and diverse audiences in meaningful arts experiences she creates large-scale dance works in public space and uses her process as an opportunity for artistic, cultural and intergenerational exchange.

Liesel has developed and presented independent work around Australia, Asia and Eastern Europe. She received the 2017 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance for her public space project ‘The Stance’ which has been presented in eleven different around Australia and overseas (South Korea, Hungary and Hong Kong), engaging over 80 performers between the ages of 8 and 72 years of age. Further independent projects include ‘Granite’ (West Kowloon Cultural District Hong Kong, Supercell, QUT Art Museum), ‘We and the Uncertain’ (Mystetski Arsenal, Ukraine 2019), ‘ Awesome; a state of wonder and fear’ (World Science Festival 2021), ‘Our New’ (IMA Gallery; Making Art Work 2020), ‘Inter’ (Flowstate 2018), ‘fifteen’ (Next Wave 2012, Brisbane Festival Under the Radar 2012).  


Liesel has also collaborated with others in her capacity as a dramaturge, movement co-ordinator, performer, provocateur and producer, seeing her work with Polytoxic, Leah Shelton, Courtney Scheu, Michael Smith, Ashleigh Musk, Elle Evangesta, Makeshift, The Good Room, GENERATE (Situate on the Gold Coast), Amrita Hepi and Performing Lines. In 2018 Liesel facilitated the South-East Asian Choreolab at Rimbun Dahan (Malaysia). She has also been commissioned to choreograph works on Tasdance, Expressions Dance Company and LINK Dance Company.


In 2019/2020 Liesel was the Chair of Supercell Dance Festival. She is currently a board member of Metro Arts and is an Associate Artist with Force Majeure.

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