DANscienCE. Choreography for new social patterns.

August 15, 2013

An article I find interesting: The art of writing with people.

This article articulates what Andrew Hewitt describes as 'social choreography'. I read it during the creation of 'fifteen' and it seemed to articulate the type of choreography that seemed to be evolving within my practice.

[From the article] 'Choreography or dance, as Hewitt observes, is an artform that is neither simply mimetic nor just decorative, but one that is most intricately woven into the ideology of society itself. Dance, he says, represents forms, and enacts them at the same time. In other words, its doubling up as representation and participation has played a key part in bringing new social patterns into being, rather than merely displaying them'

Under a social pyschology framework, I am currently investigating social identity and collective action and wondering how this research could inform 'social choreography' (en mass) with the aim to adress an issue within our society.


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