DANscienCE Residency. Post #2

August 15, 2013

The last few days I have been working closely with the Bach Cello Suite Number 1. Starting with music is a different 'entry point' for me as usually I am starting with psychology research however I thought I would try to enter an exploration from a different angle. I love this piece of music because it has a beautiful sense of flow; however when you listen closely the patterns and modulations the composition is incredibly complex and mathematical in its form.

I have been choreographing a series of small gestures and expressions that are closely connected to the rhythm and modulations of the music. With the music playing, this little dance seems organic, logical and continuous in flow, however if I remove the music and perform the same gestures what emerges is an almost nervous energy from the dancer; a person struggling to communicate something to someone. From a body language perspective the choreography isn’t dissimilar from the constant moving between gestures and postures that someone may display when feeling awkward or uncertain of themselves.

I am wondering what the effect would be if I were now to combine this movement with some verbal text. The question is what would I want the combination of text and movement to say?

It seems quite natural for an almost stuttering text to emerge; an inability to say some thing to someone; jumping between incomplete sentences. I previously did some research into some of the negative aspects of the ‘positive thinking movement’ and how this affects our inability to deal with and communicate feelings of ‘sadness’. So perhaps I can experiment with text around this concept.

What interests me about combining text with movement is the strength of non-verbal communication; what I am saying with my words can be very different to what I am expressing through my body language and I feel like dance can tease out this tension to create interesting layers and meanings.

Tomorrow I may also try using this text from the film ‘Waking Life’ as a soundtrack to the movement I have created to see if something emerges.

I am also going to do some research into states of social awkwardness, decision making and hesitation as they seem to be themes emerging from my improvisations and choreography.

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