Balloons & Granite

Currently being developed through a residency at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Designed for foyer and festival spaces, Balloons & Granite is a series of durational dance and sound installations that investigate themes of persistence in political, social and environmental contexts. Each installation is different in appearance and tone, a dancer working with either 250 white balloons or 250kg of white granite fragments to gradually transform the space into an immersive visual experience.

Liesel Zink will work with dramaturge Martyn Coutts, Clare Dyson and a diverse range of dancers to choreographically investigate the opposing weight of balloons and granite and the social political meanings we draw from placing the body at the centre of these materials. We are interested in how actions and images degrade over time and what is revealed in both the persistence and fatigue of the performer. Original music composed by Mike Willmett is delivered via wireless FM headphones providing audience with an intimate viewing experience while adding context and power to the choreography.


Balloons and Granite is being developed in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse and supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. The concept was seeded at Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art by Performance Space, Sydney 2016 with dancers from The Stance (Liveworks).


Supercell Dance Festival 2018

APAM 2018


Liesel Zink

Martyn Coutts

Visual Metaphor Consultant
Clare Dyson

Sound Artist
Mike Willmett

Dancers contributing to creative development #1
Amrita Hepi, Amy Pan, Sophie Barendse, Michael Smith, Amelia Stokes, Brian Lucas, Chanthalah Webster-Tight.

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