Boiling Point

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, 2010

Phluxus2 is a professional dance collective comprising of independent Brisbane based dancers and choreographers Nerida Matthaei, Samantha Williams, and Liesel Zink. Phluxus2 was invited to be Artist in Residence at Dance North to create this work. Collaborating with set designer Libby McDonnell Boiling Point is a veracious contemporary dance theatre installation work that explores the emotional fragility behind the real life stories of Australian Housewives from the 1950s.

The audience steps into an immersive dark space where kitchenware hangs from the ceilings and newspapers cover the wall outlining the stories of wives that have poisoned their husbands post-war. Audiences navigate around the space using torches, heightening the sense of mystery as they search for the dancers that are looming in the shadows. As the work progresses the performers transform into neurotic humming lurid housewives who are teetering on the edge of psychosis.

Nerida Matthaei, Samantha Williams, Liesel Zink

Production Design
Libby McDonnell

Costume Design
Mary Zink

Lighting Design
Keith Clarke

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