Room 328

Metro Arts Brisbane 2010 & WTF Festival 2011

In 2010 Liesel worked as a movement co-ordinator and choreographer for Room 328 directed by Daniel Santangeli, and produced Genevieve Trace. This was performed at Metro Arts and later invited to be a part of Brisbane Powerhouses World Theatre Festival 2011. Liesel and Dan were also invited to create a work that was performed as part of the opening night party for Free Range Festival.

Make Art. Drink. Vomit.

Step in. Take our hand. Think of Room 328 as a Neverland for the 21st Century. A space where lost men reside. We are those lost men: River Pheonix, James Dean, the guy throwing the first punch before the new lockout on a Saturday morning.

There are only 7 of us, which means there can only be 27 of you. Wear comfortable clothing.

'Room 328 is representative of a new, thoughtful generation of performance makers in Brisbane who are breaking new ground… The sheer diversity of talent involved in this ensemble production delivered something pretty amazing.' (Douglas Leonard, RealTime)


Daniel Santangeli

Genevieve Trace

Set Design
Elise Terranova

Live Sound Design
Mike Willmett

Lighting Design
Scott Barton

Liesel Zink

Erica Field, Skye Gellman, Kieran Law, Tom McCosker, Rhett Morrow, Robbie O'Brien and Dave Sleswick

Graphic Design
John Feely

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