A Collection of Various Selves

Co-presented by Liesel Zink, Nicolas Paine and Metro Arts
'The Independents' 2011

'...beautifully realised and stunningly affecting...' (BrizTix)

This Dance Theatre performance was a result of a great deal of social networking conversation and psychology research investigating the pressure we feel to project an illusion of happiness, independence, success, and 'togetherness' to the public eye. What implications does this have on how our society deals with feelings of melancholia? Since when did sadness need to be silenced? To deny feelings of sadness is to become inauthentic, rejecting an essential part of a full life, yet still we leave the house with an exhaustingly courageous smile. What does it take for us to let down these walls and allow for an honest connection?

Over social networking page 'Various Selves' over 800 people shared their thoughts and perspectives on relevant topics and issues that were then translated into the choreographic work itself. But most significantly, the page opened up conversations on social issues that usually remain unspoken about in the public eye.

'[Liesel Zink] has brought all her interests together with a newfound level of emotional expression to sketch out a blueprint for a new form of dance theatre – a highly personal and expressive voice that is both experimental and deeply evocative.' (Matt O'Neill, Australian Stage)

Liesel Zink was mentored by Vanessa Mafe-Keane through JUMP, the Australia Council's national mentoring program for young and emerging artists.


Liesel Zink

Nicolas Paine

Liesel Zink, Alexander Bayden Bryce

Ron Seeto, Giema Contini

Lighting Design
Scott Barton

Stage Managers
Liesel Koerbin & Candice Diana

Set Realisation
Warren Sutton

Sound Design
Liesel Zink and Mike Willmett

Mary Zink

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