I lived at 51 Rusden St

Ausdance QLD Brisbane Front Residency, 2010

Since moving to Brisbane five years ago I have lived with over 60 housemates, each with their own unique habits, peculiarities, and personalities. I have become increasingly fascinated with mess, cleanliness, and the human behaviour that drives us to organise our personal living space the way we do.

Presented in the Judith Wright Centre Shop Front Space, this showing turned these human idiosyncrasies into dance theatre using movement, stop-motion photography, and stimulus generated from conversations on the Facebook page Counting Housemates.

Everyone has their own unique quirks and nuances, but at what point do these characteristics become something more concerning, obsessive, or debilitating?

In future developments I would like to research further into the psychology behind these human behaviours, questioning how much of our true selves we chose to reveal in public and how much stays behind closed doors.

The Brisbane Front Choreographic Residency Program is an intiative of Ausdance Queensland, funded by Brisbane City Council and presented in partnership with the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art.


Liesel Zink

Liesel Zink, Tyler Hawkins

Dale Johnston

Photographic Design
Fenlan Chuang

Visual Design / Architect Design
Jacob Livermore

Sound Design
Tony Brumpton

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