Inter is a new contemporary dance and technology collaboration exploring themes of inter-connectivity in science and humanity. Liesel Zink teams up with technologist Jaymis Loveday, employing HTC Vive virtual reality technology to augment the dancers’ movements while drawing pathways between bodies in space. Sound artist Mike Willmett composes an original score that enriches the dynamic audio and visual experience.
Inter reflects on the importance and fragility of connectedness; between people, in ecosystems, moments in time and space. In a political climate where things appear to be becoming more divided, Inter seeks to highlight the importance and power of humans working as one.

Performance Dates

Tues 21st - Sat 26th August 2018
Flowstate, South Bank


Choreographer and Producer
Liesel Zink

Jaymis Loveday

Sound Artist
Mike Willmett

Amelia Stokes, Michael Smith, Lauren Carr.

Lighting Design
Jason Glenwright

Martyn Coutts

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