the psychology project

An ongoing conversation between dance and psychology practice

‘The Psychology Project’ articulates an essential part of Liesel's practice; the ongoing conversation between artistic practice and pscyhology and social psychology research.

Liesel has an ongoing collaboration with psychology researcher Rohan Kapitany (also founder of psychology podcast Psychobabble). This collaboration has already resulted in;
- A Psychobabble Podcast
- An academic research study into the 'Sacredness of Love' (led by psychology doctorates Rohan Kapitany, Dr. Shelli Dubbs & Dr. Fiona Barlow) emerging from a Metro Arts Residency
- The development of the idea The Stance.

More recently, Liesel has been researching collective action, social identity theories and investigating the potential limitations of protest as a form of activism in contemporary Western society.

In 2013 Liesel was an Artist In Residence at CSIRO Canberra for DANscienCE Festival. Here she gave a lecture discussing the mutually beneficial relationship between art and psychology disciplines.

Liesel's public space projects also act as social experiments, including 'fifteen' which actively tested theories of proximecs and the bystander effect while reflecting upon the 'Occupy Movement'. For more information on the outcomes of this research refer to this blog post.

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