@ Ansan Street Arts Festival

Ansan 2017

The Stance at Ansan Street Arts Festival was made over a twelve day collaboration with nine South Korean dancers and a translator.  During this time we researched the significance of the recent protests against Park Geun-hye as well as the protests surrounding the Sewol Ferry Tragedy.

The Stance at Ansan Street Arts Festival was presented as an eight hour durational performance at Sangnoksu Station during political campaigns for a recent election.


Choreographer and Producer
Liesel Zink

Sound Artist
Mike Willmett

Rehearsal Director
Gabriel Comerford

Translator and sound assistance
Seung Yeon Jeong

강은라, 강승우, 김예원, 백승환, 손승한, 이명찬, 전성희, 조일호, 최대웅

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