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Contemporary dance classes for lounge rooms:

Thankyou for donating to Contemporary Dance for lounge rooms - your support is incredibly meaningful. Donations are made securely through PayPal (though you can use your credit card if you like). All money collected goes directly towards paying independent artists to create and deliver these workshops for you.

Here are some suggested donation amounts:

Donations of $5 - $15:

This covers the cost of one contemporary dance class.

Donations of $15 - $80:

This covers you attending multiple contemporary dance classes.


What your donation supports:

Due to COVID-19, many artists have sadly lost significant work and income. I wanted to start Contemporary Dance for lounge rooms not only to offer an uplifting opportunity to feel connected in the face of increased social isolation, but also to create a little work for myself and other artists during this time. Every donation goes DIRECTLY towards paying teaching artists to create and deliver these classes for you. Every donation (no matter how small) is HUGELY appreciated. With support of your donations I've been able to pay guest artists over $2000 to share classes with our lounge room dancers.

Other Offerings:

I'm also available to teach private or group classes to people of different ages and abilities. Here I'd be very happy to lead a contemporary technique class, choreograph a routine for you or your group, or help empower others to make their own work. Please get in touch if this is of interest to you. Let's chat!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting me in my vision to connect us through they joy of contemporary dance. Liesel x

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