As a contemporary dancer and performer, Liesel loves dabbling in the cross-disciplinary. She has performed in theatres, festivals, advertisements, film clips, and interesting sites and alleyways.

Liesel regularly performs with the incredible Polytoxic including performances forTrade Winds and The Back Up Service.In 2015 she joined PVI Collective for their performance of Blackmarket on the streets of Kings Cross. Liesel also performed in her work Shift and No Way that toured to over 150 schools in Queensland educating primary and secondary students about ways to deal with bullying.

In 2012 Liesel performed as an actor/dancer in Dave Sleswick's performance of 'La Voix Humaine' at La Boite Theatre Company.

In 2011 Liesel performed in 'A Collection of Various Selves', Phluxus2's 'Boiling Point' tour. She also performed at Metro Arts Crossstitch event 'You are Everything I Want You To Be'. Liesel also worked with choreographer Fenlan Chuang to perform '#1' at Backbone's 2high Festival.

In 2010 Liesel had the privilege of being an Artist in Residence at Dance North for their development of 'Boiling Point' (performed at the Judith Wright Centre, November 2010). She performed as a dancer in 'I lived @ 51 Rusden St' and 'B is for Unattainable' which was a part of 4C Arts Collective's Arts Party Shoot (The Alley in Brisbane). Liesel was also fortunate enough to take part in the Youth Partnership Residency held by Queensland Theatre Company and Backbone Youth.

In 2009 Liesel joined Australian Dance Company Tasdance for their performance of 'She Oaks Sings' (Let's Get it Strait). She also underwent an extended secondment at Expressions Dance Company and worked for Independent choreographers Elise May and Zaimon Vilmanis.

Performance credits...

  • 'The BackUp Service' Polytoxic Dance Theatre
    COIL Festival, PS122 (New York 2016)
    Mackay Festival (QLD 2015)
    Perth Fringe Festival (WA 2014)
    Underground UpLate Program (QLD 2014)
    Darwin Festival (NT 2014)
  • 'Blackmarket' PVI Collective
    Performance Space (NSW) 2015
  • 'Trade Winds' Polytoxic Dance Theatre
    APAM (QLD 2014)
    Bleach Festival (Gold Coast QLD 2014)
    Wansmolbag Festival (Vanuatu 2014)
  • 'Shift' / 'No Way' Choreographed by Liesel Zink
    Artslink QLD Schools touring around QLD 2014 & 2015
  • 'Nobody Waltzes Anymore' Choreographed by Liesel Zink
    An Evening of Intimate Encounters curated by Clare Dyson
    Brisbane Festival (QLD 2013)
  • ‘Oni’ Directed by Ron Seeto
    2High Festival (QLD 2012)
  • ‘La Voix Humaine’ Directed by Dave Sleswick
    La Boite Theatre Company + Metro Arts FreeRange Festival (QLD 2011-12)
  • ‘fifteen’ Directed by Liesel Zink
    Brisbane Festival (QLD 2012)
  • Take your shoes off’ Immersive Contemporary duo
    ‘Cross Stitch’ Interdisciplinary Arts Function, Metro Arts (2010, 2011)
  • ‘#01’ choreographed by Fenlan Chuang
    2High Festival (2011)
  • ‘Boiling Point’ Phluxus2 Collective
    Artist in Resdience Dance North, Performed at JWCoCA and QLD Schools Tour (2010 – 2011)
  • ‘A Collection of Various Selves’ Dance Theatre work
    Metro Arts The Independents (QLD 2011)
  • ‘B is for Unattainable’ 4C Arts Collective – SHOOT
    The Alley (QLD 2010)
  • ‘She Oaks Sings’ Tasdance – Ten Days on the Island
    (TAS 2009)
  • Brisbane Front Residency, Elise May Independent Choreography Project
    (QLD 2009)
  • GuanDong Modern Dance Festival
    (China 2009)

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